Candidate Testimonials

"I want to thank you for helping find the perfect match that I really didn't think was even out there."


"Your company's efforts in helping us relocate back to our family was priceless."


"Don is a top notch professional. He conducted a thorough interview to get to know me and assess my fit for the position, and kept me well informed during the recruitment process."


More available upon request!

Interview Hints

If you are like most of our candidates, it has probably been a while since you have interviewed. Review these tips to help you prepare for winning the job.

Always remember that first impressions count! The decision to hire is made in the first 5 to 10 minutes of the interview, with the remaining time spent justifying that decision. So make sure you do all the basics right:

  • Have polished shoes, clothes pressed, a fresh haircut (facial hair trimmed), and don't forget deodorant/mouthwash (many interviews are conducted in small rooms at close range). Men: wear sport coat, collard shirt and slacks as a minimum. Women: wear professional causal attire or business suit.
  • Show up 5-10 minutes early, and remember they may be watching you in the parking lot. Smile, firm handshake, good eye contact.
  • SELL YOURSELF! Even if they "recruited" you, you need to win them over in person, because if you don't get an offer, you don't have a decision to make!

Consider asking the following interview questions:

  1. What would the interviewer specifically like you to accomplish on the job in the first 6 months, 12 months?
  2. What obstacles must be overcome to achieve these goals?
  3. Why is the position available?
  4. How is this work being done now?
  5. What are the limits of my responsibility and authority?
  6. What support is available to help me fulfill my duties here?
  7. Will I have subordinates? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  8. Are there any current projects for which I will inherit responsibility? What is their history and status?
  9. In your opinion, what specific aspects of my background make me right or wrong for this position?
  10. What is the next step in the interviewing process?

At the end of the interview, if you are interested in the position, make sure you let them know it. If you aren't interested, tell them you would like to think it over and will get back with them in a few days (we will break the news gently to them so that you don't burn any bridges).

And don't forget to MAIL a thank you letter the next day!

Whether you're an engineer, architect or surveyor actively looking for a job in the Great Lakes region, or an A & E firm with urgent positions to fill, let Seacon be your preferred source for all of your recruitment needs.

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