Welcome to Seacon

Our company was founded under a simple business principle: find your niche in life, and then be the best in the world at doing it! And that is exactly what we did.

Since 1990, Seacon has specialized in just one thing: helping companies and candidates who work in the consulting engineering arena find their perfect match! We live and breathe your marketplace, just like you do, and our entire company focuses on serving this one unique niche.

We have clients that range from ENR top 100, to small 20 person firms. Whatever your situation and needs are, we can customize our efforts to maximize your results!

Rest assured that we will handle your needs promptly and professionally, just like we’ve been doing for new and repeat customers for over 28+ years!

A NEW NAME? Not really…


Greetings to all our clients and candidates alike! As you may have noticed at the top of our website, we no longer go by Management Recruiters of Jackson. Although Seacon Associates may seem like a new name to you, in reality it has always been our incorporated name, as MRI Jackson was merely our DBA (Doing Business As…) name, which was required by our old franchise agreement with MRI.

Over the years, people have often asked us what type of ‘MANAGEMENT’ positions do you typically RECRUIT for, based on our DBA name. Since we recruit for numerous types of positions beyond ‘Management’, we felt it was time to have our name more adequately reflect the all-encompassing service we primarily provide:

We are SEArch CONsultants = Seacon Associates, LLC

So as we build upon our 28+ years of providing quality service to both employers and candidates alike, we invite you to update your contact information on us to reflect our new moniker, and to trust us that we will continue to provide top notch service when consulting with you on all of your search needs!

Thanks for your loyalty and business!

Don Bills, Pres.

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